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Laboratory Services

MHTL 3345-10-01 (Disallowance of Separate Reimbursement for Blood-Glucose Testing in a Long-Term Care Setting)

Medicaid Handbook Transmittal Letter (MHTL) No. 3345-10-01

November 22, 2010

TO:              Long-term care facilities

Independent laboratories

Other providers of laboratory services

Trading partners

Directors, County Departments of Job and Family Services

FROM:         Douglas E. Lumpkin, Director

SUBJECT:    Disallowance of separate reimbursement for blood-glucose testing in a long-term care setting

Policy Statement

Under current administrative rules governing laboratory tests, claims that are submitted to Medicaid by a long-term care facility (LTCF) for drawing blood specimens and for performing routine procedures are not separately reimbursable. Paragraph (B) of rule 5101:3-3-19 and paragraph (B) of rule 5101:3-3-19.1 of the Ohio Administrative Code specify that "costs incurred [by a long-term care facility]...for drawing specimens and forwarding specimens to a laboratory...are reimbursable through the facility's cost report" (i.e., payment is included in the facility's per diem amount). Paragraph (K)(1)(b) of rule 5101:3-11-03 of the Ohio Administrative Code states that "routine laboratory and screening procedures" are not reimbursable at all.

It is the policy of Ohio Medicaid that blood-glucose testing performed for a resident of a LTCF is a routine laboratory screening procedure. Therefore, it is not separately reimbursable to either LTCFs or independent laboratories. (Applicable procedure codes include but are not necessarily limited to CPT 36416 for taking a blood sample and CPT 82948 and 82962 for performing the analysis.)

Accordingly, neither LTCFs nor independent laboratories may submit claims for blood-glucose testing performed for LTCF residents. Even if the Medicaid claims-processing system should accept them, such claims are disallowed by policy. Any resulting reimbursement is subject to recovery.

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Additional Information

Questions pertaining to this MHTL should be addressed to:

Office of Ohio Health Plans

Bureau of Provider Services

P.O. Box 1461

Columbus, OH 43216-1461

(800) 686-1516


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