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Medicaid Eligibility Manual

MEPL 29 (Medicaid: Standard Utility Allowance Increase)

August 27, 2008

Medicaid Eligibility Procedure Letter No. 29

Effective Date:       October 1, 2008

OAC Rules:  5101:1-39-24

To:               All Medicaid Eligibility Manual Holders

From:           Helen E. Jones-Kelley, Director

Subject:        Medicaid: Standard Utility Allowance Increase

Reason for change:

Ohio's standard utility allowance in the Food Stamp program can be used in lieu of an individual's utility expenses when determining the minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance (MMMNA) for a community spouse when the other spouse is considered institutionalized. As a result of the increase in the Food Stamp utility standard from $450 to $586, the standard utility allowance for determination of the MMMNA is also being increased.

The monthly income allowance (MIA) for a community spouse is a deduction in the computation of patient liability for needs of the community spouse. The monthly income allowance is the MMMNA minus the community spouse's monthly income.

For reference purposes, this table shows the previous (2007) standard as well as the increased amount for 2008 (in bold).




Standard Utility Allowance (SUA)



Action Required:

For budgets effective on or after October 1, 2008, the standard utility allowance of $586 shall be used when determining the community spouse's monthly income allowance (MIA). A review of all long term care facility (LTCF) and home and community-based services (HCBS) assistance groups with a community spouse must be completed prior to the October 1, 2008 cutoff to ensure the new increased standard is applied appropriately. The CDJFS must recalculate the MIA using the increased utility allowance. These cases (MA-M) can be identified by utilizing the caseload query system available on CRIS-E. No case alerts will be issued and there will not be a mass change done by CRIS-E. All assistance groups affected by the increased utility allowance shall be provided with written notice of proposed action.

Effective October 1, 2008, all new applicants must have eligibility determined using the utility standard of $586.

A CRIS-E View Flash Bulletin (CLVB) will be issued with this information. The new utility standard can be found in CRIS-E reference table TMEP.

MEM Instructions:






(Effective October 1, 2007)


(Effective October 1, 2008)

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