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Medicaid Eligibility Manual

Medicaid Eligibility Manual Table of Contents

John R. Kasich, Governor

John B. McCarthy, Director

Ohio Department of Medicaid

Mission:  To improve Medicaid eligibility policy through quality research and collaboration with stakeholders.

The Electronic Publishing Unit makes every attempt to publish accurate and current information, however, we disclaim any liability or responsibility for any typographical errors, out of date information and/or other inaccuracies that may appear in this document.


eManual Contents

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1 - Introduction to Medicaid General Policy

2 - Application Processing

3 - Aged, Blind, and Disabled (ABD)

4 - Covered Families and Children (CFC)

5 - Special Programs and Services

6 - Medicaid Eligibility Modernization

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Recent Additions

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MEMMTL 6 (Medicaid: Presumptive Eligibility) (4/27/15)

MEMTL 98 (Medicaid: Eligibility through the Spenddown Process) (3/27/15)

MEMTL 101 (Medicaid: Eligibility Chapter Five) (3/25/15)

MEMTL 100 (Medicaid: Eligibility Chapter 4) (3/25/15)

MEMTL 99 (Medicaid: Application for Home and Community-Based [HCB] Services) (3/25/15)

MEPL 99 (Medicaid: 2015 Federal Poverty Level Income Guidelines for MBIWD) (3/12/15)

MEPL 98 (Medicaid: 2015 Federal Poverty Level Income Guidelines for Low-Income MPAP) (3/12/15)

MEPL 97 (Medicaid: 2015 Federal Poverty Level Income Guidelines for MAGI-Based Medicaid) (3/12/15)

MEMTL 97 (Medicaid: DDA Process Rule) (3/3/15)

MEMTL 93 (Medicaid: Special Income Level) (2/11/15)

MEMTL 91 (Medicaid: ABD Income Rules) (2/11/15)

MEPL 96 (Medicaid: Ninety Day Reinstatement) (2/6/15)

MEPL 95B (Correction to MPAP Resource Limit for an Individual) (2/6/15)

MEMTL 90 (Medicaid: ABD Base Eligibility Rules) (2/5/15)

MEMTL 96 (Medicaid: Pregnancy Related Services [PRS]) (1/15/15)

MEMTL 95 (Medicaid: Eligibility Chapter 2) (1/15/15)

MEMTL 94 (Medicaid: Eligibility Chapter 1) (1/15/15)

MEMTL 92 (Medicaid: ABD Five-Year Review Batch Five) (1/15/15)

MEPL 95A (Home Equity Limit Adjustment) (12/19/14)

MEMTL 89 (Medicaid: Treatment of Qualified Long-Term Care Insurance Policies) (12/10/14)

MEPL 95 (Medicaid: January 2015 COLA) (12/10/14)

MEPL 93 (Medicaid: Standard Utility Allowance Increase) (11/6/14)

MEPL 94 (Medicaid: Implementing 2101(f)-Like Protection for Children Ineligible for Medicaid as a Result of the Elimination of Income Disregards (10/31/14)

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